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Research Projects

Graduate education projects
Designing a domestic textile color system together with their corresponding color names
Introductory Investigation into the Iranian Colour Associations:(A case study on students of Isfahan University of Technology)
Investigation of color–meaning association of Iranians using global surveys and their component impact
Investigation into the effect of silica aerogel on the alkaline hydrolysis and dyeing properties of polyester fibres
Investigation into the feasibility of the afterclearing of disperse dyes on polyester fibers using ozone Micro-nanobubbles
An Investigation Into Thermochromic Effect Using Heat Obtained from Polypyrrole Coated Fiber Assemblies
Investigation into the effect of UV/nano-TiO2/H2O2 treatment on the colour appearance of polyester fabric
The effect of nano - Tio2 on the dyeing and finishing properties of polyester fibres
Effect of sample size on the colour fastness assessment
Colormetric Analysis of grays
Application of a Digital Camera to Measure the Colour and Dye Concentration of Coloured Solution by employing filter
Colour reduction of digital images obtained from natural scenes
The effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on surface and dyeing properties of polyester nanofibers
Investigation into the color fastness assessment of pile textiles
Application of Photocatalytic Nanofibrous Membranes Containing TiO2 Nanoparticles for Purification of Organic Wastewater
instrumental shade sorting using PCA technique
Colorimetric accuracy of applying different colour reduction techniques on digital images
application of nanofibrous membrane to recycle heavy metal ion from waste water
A Study of Colour Emotion for Two Colour Combinations
Assessment of the Texture of Images Using Psychophysical Methods
Modelling Colour Emotion Components in the Dimentional Approach of Emotion
Investigation into Surface Modification of Poly (Lactic Acid) and Poly Ethylene Terephthallate Using UV/Ozon Irradiation
Investigation into the Colour Emotion for Single Colour Patches
determination of dispers dyes concentration in aqueous solutions
an investigation into thermochromic effect using heat obtained from polypyrrole coated fibers assemblies
Designing a domestic textile color system together with their corresponding convention
Investigation of the effect of LDH presence in polyester fibers in finishing and dyeability properties
Investigation into the effect of Ionic Liquids on the dyeing of polyester fibers and its blends
investigation into the effect of sodium hydroxide and polybutylene terephthalate masterbatches on the dyeability of polyethylene terphethalatr fibers
introductory investigation into the iranian color associations. A case study on students of isfahan university of Technology.
Investigation into the measurement of the opacity of the blach caador

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