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Conference Papers

  1. Izadan, H., J. H. Nobbs, "Input Device Characterisation: A Comparison between Iteration and Regression Methods Using either XYZ or L*a*b*", CGIV06, 19-22 June 2006, Leeds, UK;
  2. Izadan, H., J. H. Nobbs, "The Effect of Different Linearisation Methods on Scanner Characterisation", The 10th congress of International Colour Association, 8-13 May 2005, Granada, Spain, pp 1251-1254;
  3. Izadan, H., Amirshahi, S.H.,"Statistics Methods for Determination of Recipe Sensitivity to Primary Colorants", Proc. Of Second National Conf. on Textile Eng., May, 6-7, 1997, Tehran, Iran, pp 60-69

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